"An intelligent and thrilling read."
                     - Status Magazine Nashville

"The pursuit of the perpetrator became unimportant as I was immediately drawn in by the character, (Det. Sgt. Hansen Bell)."  
                    - Gerry Gilligan, Sligo Bay, Ireland

"Lee Caleca has a style that not only makes her pieces enjoyable to read, but enjoyably unique as well. Highly recommended."  - Allistair Marquise, Helium Sub-Channel Manager

"Creekwood (2011) and Creekwood 2 (2012) are crime thrillers set in Tennessee. In these two novels, a local police Detective has plenty of murders to solve, which in turn leads to discovery of exotic truths, erotic relationships, and eccentric individuals." - W.E.Literary Digest

"Loved the characters, good and bad. Kind of Dean Koontz light. Some great predicaments for lead characters with some interesting surprises throughout. A great page turner...can't wait to read Creekwood 2."- John Marcionetti

"Creekwood 2 is a great followup to the original. Love [the] character development and plot twists. Next?"- John Venable